April 21, 2012

Stuff I've Written Lately

Some articles I've written elsewhere on the interwebtubes this week:

Game of Thrones What Is Dead May Never Die Recap - Huzzah, I'm writing Game of Thrones recaps/reviews for The Mary Sue. I've been longing to talk about this series for someone, and I'm happy to have a home for my babbling. There are spoilers for episode three of this season.

Look What Happens When Star Wars and Science Collide in a Museum Exhibit - I visited the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit last weekend, and to be honest, I mostly ignored the science and just drooled over the Star Wars props and costumes. Read the post for a recap and LOTs of pictures. Even more photos of the exhibit here.

Quick Blurbs

Star Wars Put Into Charts
The Batman Musical Is A Real Thing
Why Yes, Websites Can Be Turned Into Lovely Dresses
A 7-Year-Old Fighting Leukemia Gets to Take On Bad Guys For a Day As Batman
Get Trapped In A Mall With Zombies! Really! [Video]
Pinkie Pie Pony Kills in Skyrim [Mods] - This is freaking hilarious
Captain Jack As The Next Doctor? John Barrowman Has Thoughts On That
Joss Whedon Teases About A Buffy Spinoff Focusing on Giles


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