April 24, 2012

WeLoveFine Has ALL The Avengers Tees You Need

Time for a confession. I have a t-shirt addiction. It's only to be expected in the age of a million deal a day sites, and though my wallet may be suffering, I'm grateful that so many artists are getting the chance to get their designs out into the world. Companies like WeLoveFine are offering great opportunities for artists to be recognized and to win cash monies. They recently had an Avengers design contest, and now there are so many t-shirts to choose from! I knew I wanted at least one Avengers tee - especially to wear to the movie (it comes out May 4th, but you knew that) - and I might have ended up with two.

What? I challenge you to only buy one. Here are a few of my favorite designs:
by Antony Rozwadowski

by Dominick Cabalo

by Phillip Giarusso

Remember, the shirts come in dude and lady sizes. Huzzah.

Go to the site to check out more! Specifically visit the contest page to see all the winners and don't forget to keep up with them on Pinterest.


  1. Some of the WeLoveFine shirts are drool-worthy; I've been after the Shaak Ti one for a while. But wow, are the shipping fees to non-US countries phenomenal!

  2. You can't post things like this! I love them! I also recently decided that I have a t-shirt addiction, once I counted and realized I had over a hundred...

  3. Oh, wow, I just made a dolphin noise. *stares at bank account and wills her payday to come faster*

  4. @Rebecca - Yes! I think the Shaak Ti one is fantastic. :D

    @Joanna - Note to self: never actually count the t-shirts. I'd bet I'm getting close to that.

    @Mari - They have so many wonderful designs!

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