May 10, 2012

Drifters: When Sci-Fi On TV Isn't So Great, Look to the Web

The schedule for television isn't exactly overflowing with good options for science fiction these days. It seems like there are more than a few options for fantasy (Game of Thrones and Once Upon a Time come to mind), but I don't hear much about sci-fi. Sometimes - okay a lot of the times - you have to turn to the internet to find what you're looking for and if you're searching for sci-fi, you can stop at Drifter.

I'll borrow their words to describe the story of the web series in progress:

One hundred fifty years from now, a man, alone in space on an eight month journey to Earth's Colony on Mars, teaches his ship's computer to let him virtually enter his favorite TV show.  When a politically motivated sabotage bombing leaves the ship damaged beyond repair, he finds himself adrift with only 12 days of life support left.  The virtual world of the TV show becomes his only chance for human interaction, friendship, and perhaps... even love.  What happens next? The only way to find out is to show us your support. The pilot episode of DRIFTER will not be released online, but all contributors to our funding campaign will get to see it!

Fun, right? I think the premise sounds intriguing and the cast and crew tied to Drifter bring a lot of experience to the table, specifically knowledge of web series. And the coolest part (at least to me) is that they're consulting aerospace engineers who work at NASA to make sure they're getting it right. After all, science fiction doesn't necessarily mean ignoring all the rules of physics.

Another neat tidbit about this series is that they're foregoing the traditional TV development model and just making it happen. The folks behind Drifter are showing that "independently developed and produced television pilots are a viable part of the future of entertainment." They hope to take Drifter all the way to a network - with your help!

Visit Mobcaster to learn more about Drifters, to check out the cast and crew info, and to help fund the series.


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