May 4, 2012

May the Fourth Be With You!

Though the saying has been around for as long as May 4 has existed on the calendar (a very long time), I only became aware of it being celebrated as Star Wars Day a few years ago. It sounds so close to "may the force be with you," so why not? It's nice to have a sort of official Star Wars holiday that isn't Life Day.

So, what does one do to celebrate a Star Wars holiday? First of all, wear your favorite Star Wars t-shirt. If you've ever considered wearing a Jedi robe to work, this is the day to do it. Then send one of these very cool May the 4th e-cards to friends. After you do that, the most obvious answer is to have a marathon. Make Star Wars cookies, have friends over, have some toy lightsaber duels - you know, just another Friday night. Don't forget to make this Severed Wampa Arm cake!

You could also make a weekend of it. I think it's best celebrated with others, so make some Star Wars crafts with friends, build Lego kits, have an action figure customizing party, make Star Wars shoes. The possibilities go on and on. You could also take the day to go through your Star Wars toys and comics and make a donation to a local children's hospital.

Some websites and organizations are marking the day with giveaways. For example, Rancho Obi-Wan is giving away memberships! All you have to do is sign up to be on their mailing list (on the right side of the page) to get a chance to win one of four memberships. And trust me, a membership to this place is a big deal. In fact, purchasing a membership or giving it as a gift to someone else would be one heck of a way to commemorate Star Wars day.

Some of my favorite deals for May Fourth!
  • Her Universe is releasing at least three new Star Wars shirt designs! They're available for 20% off from
  • Amazon has the saga on Blu-ray for $78.99 - that's 44% off. They're also offering Star Wars Gold Box deals throughout the day.
  • Epic Ink Books is offering a 25% discount Star Wars: The Blueprints.
  • LEGO is offering free shipping and a free exclusive mini-fig with orders over $75 and an R2-D2 poster with any LEGO Star Wars order.
  • TFAW has a killer sale on Star Wars comics, graphic novels, toys, and merchandise (like lightsaber umbrellas and lamps!)
  • WeLoveFine is offering 30% off Star Wars tees.
  • Junk Food Clothing is offering 30% off Star Wars tees. has a comprehensive list of deals being offered across the web for the day, including Barnes & Noble, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and more.

It's becoming a date for announcements of an official nature, too. Last year's May 4th brought details about the then upcoming Star Wars on Blu-ray release. This year... well, maybe we'll get some more announcements about Celebration VI?

Regardless of anything else, it's a day to show and share your love for Star Wars. May the Fourth Be With You!



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