May 8, 2012

Seven Nerdy Coffee Cozies

When I go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or any other popular coffee chain, I always get a paper sleeve for my vanilla latte. I probably don't always need them, but most of the time the drinks are too hot to hold without them. Even though I don't get coffee out very often, the world does. I can't even imagine how many sleeves the Starbucks next to my office uses in a day, let alone coffee shops across the country.

You can help minimize waste and make a geeky statement while doing so. I've noticed more and more nerdy coffee cozies popping on Etsy, and they only cost 1-3 of your drinks from your coffee shop of choice. Here are some of my favorites:
Cuddlefish Crafts has fantastic crocheted sleeves with the Star Trek insignia. As you can see the come in different division colors; you can get the set for $39.99 or singles for $14.99.

MouthyMitts offers a Space Invader to go with your favorite morning beverage for just $14.

Dexlar Price has a printed TARDIS cozy, and it's worth getting just to make comments about having more coffee on the inside. It's $5.

Becoming Homegrown sells cozies representing the galaxy far, far away. For $5 you can choose Boba Fett or Yoda.

LuLa Creations has a cute little crochet and felt Super Mario mushroom to protect your hands for $10.

Nausicaa Distribution is bringing a little math to your coffee for $10. It may also make you crave pie (it would have that effect on me)

HG's Unique Boutique takes a little inspiration from the Hero of Canton with their Jayne inspired cozy. It can be yours for $16.

The catch is you actually have to remember to take them with you in the mornings. Mine would have to permanently live in my purse.


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