May 25, 2012

Star Wars Fan Film Hughes the Force Available Online!

May 25th. It's a momentous day for Star Wars fans. 35 years ago, Star Wars: A New Hope was released in theaters. From there, well, it's been an exciting journey.

A different kind of Star Wars film is being released today. Hughes the Force is 30 minute fan film that mashes Star Wars and John Hughes together. Yeah, I know. Awesome. And you can watch it online for completely free.
Let me address the concerns you may have:

- Fan films have a reputation for not being great. Goodness knows I've seen my fair share of films in that category. I've seen Hughes the Force a few times, and I can assure you that's far above most fan films in production value, quality, casting, story, etc. Watching this will make you happy. If you are a Star Wars fan and a John Hughes fan, watching this will make you ecstatic.

- I can already foresee folks not giving this a shot because it's 30 minutes in length. It's not like you can watch it quickly at the office while you're supposed to be working (you know you do it). It will fit nicely into your lunch break though,but also? It's worth it to set aside part of your evening or weekend to watch it. Treat it like an episode of television, a mini movie - whatever it takes to get you in front of your chosen screen to watch it.

Hopefully you're convinced, but if you're not, let me just say again: I love this short film. It's got spunk, passion, nerdy references galore (but in a nice way, not a pandering way), voice actors from Star Wars: The Clone Wars dressed as their characters, and so much more. I highly recommend it.

Watch it on the Hughes the Force website or Kevin Smith's (he makes a cool cameo) YouTube channel!

After you watch it and love it, check out my interview with Director/Producer/Writer J.C. Reifenberg.


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