June 28, 2012

Her Universe Goes Trek

Her Universe, the awesome clothing company that makes geek chic tees for ladies, has been announcing new designs and franchises right and left. There have been fantastic BSG designs, all sorts of Doctor Who options, and now Star Trek. I adore the Uhura tee design pictured above!

It makes me so happy to see this company grow year after year. You can of course still get tees directly from the HU website, but now you can also find them in Hot Topic stores (and online) and also on ThinkGeek. That means these lady-sized shirts are reaching new eyes and customers. Continued support of the line means it can just keep growing, and geek girls benefit.

I love having Her Universe shirts in my drawers because they are more than a plain t-shirt. They fit in a way that flatters my body, they're soft and comfy, and they look stylish. In other words, they're perfect. If you're going to throw your support behind an apparel company, choose this one. I admire what Her Universe does.

Be sure to visit their site to check out the rest of the Star Trek designs! They'll all be available on July 11th!


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