July 5, 2012

Brave art to drool over (but not on)

I'm a little obsessed with Merida these days. I adored Brave, and I'm finding myself to be very protective of the movie and of Merida. It really just touched that place in my heart and moved me. I want to be Merida when I grow up; she has qualities that I respect. I could stand to take more risks, take hold of my fate, and be more understanding with my mother. I think drinking from the Fire Falls would be easier than that last bit.

Anyways, I have a hunch I'll be starting my collection of Brave related art at Comic-Con next week. Here's some pieces I've seen around the internet that I've admired!

Amy Mebberson has been drawing all kinds of Merida art. I'll definitely be seeing her at San Diego Comic-Con to see if I can find or commission something Merida!

I really like the art on this t-shirt from WeLoveFine:
This marker piece by Thom Zahler with the triplets is freaking adorable (and still available):

I adore the muted colors in this piece by Sean Chaithe:

This chibi Merida and Elinor by David Gilson makes me squee:

Merida and Angus by WillowWaves:

Love the pastel look of this one by Samanta Erdini:
Do you have art you adore from Brave? If so, please share links!


  1. Oh, these are all wonderful! I just rounded up some Brave art on my blog as well. I've been seeing so many gorgeous pieces on Tumblr especially.

  2. You put it in just the right words, that the movie touched that place in your heart... it did the same for me!

    I love that first piece, it's very Book of Kells! :)

  3. @Diana - Oh, lovely! I'm going to go check them out. :)

    @Sarah - Yes, it is! I'm hoping to pick up a print of it at Disneyland soon (if it's still available).

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