July 24, 2012

That crazy little thing called Comic-Con

I cannot believe Comic-Con was two weeks ago. I had to look at a calendar to fact-check that. Whoa.

It was a blast. I worked my butt off and still had a good time... but frak me, that convention wears a person down. If you've never been, let me explain. I arrived Wednesday afternoon and from then until I left Sunday evening was a nonstop blur of see this person, buy this exclusive, get to this panel, turn in this and that story, transcribe this audio, wear this costume craziness. I averaged around four hours of sleep a night (not because of partying either) and generally let the convention kick my butt. Recovery the week after was such that other than attending work and hitting the deadlines I couldn't miss, I didn't even have the energy to remove some horrible looking nail polish I'd applied on Sunday of the convention for my Amethyst costume. Yeah.

Of course, Friday I woke up with con crud and realized why I'd been stupidly exhausted all week. The crud is still persisting.

Given all that whining, you'd think I'm ungrateful about attending SDCC. Nah. Not at all. I'm lucky that I got to attend and cover it for a few websites. This was definitely the hardest-to-get-through Comic-Con for me, and I've learned some lessons about how much work I want to take on during conventions in the future, but I still had fun. A lot of it. (I'll post a list of my Comic-Con articles this Saturday - TV stuff for IGN, video interviews for Blastoff Comics, and daily diaries for Back Stage). I got out to a couple of parties, ran into lots of friends while running from place to place, and I wouldn't trade the 4.5 days of crazy for anything.

I dressed up for a few hours on a couple of days, and I'll post about my costumes as well as the geek girl fashion show I participated in later this week. For now, I want to share some of the coolest things I saw in the exhibit hall at SDCC:

Trolls!! I am downright giddy about The Hobbit, and Weta brought all kinds of statues and props and creatures to drool over. Sure, they had Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield, but these guys were the most impressive. They had every last detail, too, including snotty noses.

Lucasfilm put out a press release stating they would have a pit of live snakes at Comic-Con, but I really didn't believe it until I saw it. It just sounded like trouble, but as far as I know, the snakes stayed in their enclosure. One friend saw a wrangler in there in the morning "arranging" the snakes before the hall opened.

It doesn't seem like this is for sale yet, but I so want this Death Star bean bag chair. As you can tell from the picture, it's made by the people who produced the awesome R2-D2 camp chair. So cool.

Speaking of Star Wars, some of my favorite new toys are the Fighter Pods line from Hasbro. I don't care about the pods or the fighting part, I just love that the figures are tiny and adorable. I squealed with happiness when I saw this bin full of the lil toys and the giant-size (comparatively speaking) Chewbacca!

I'll share some of the cool costumes I saw and the neat art and books I discovered in Artists' Alley and Small Press soon!

(If you'd like to see more, please check out all my pictures from the convention here.)


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