August 9, 2012

Doctor Who meets a classic children's book

What happens when Goodnight, Moon meets Doctor Who? Adorableness to the nth degree, that's what. The very creative James Hance has teamed up with Leila Miyamoto to mash up Amy Pond's story with the kid's book you know and love. I mean, I especially like Amy Pond and the whole "the girl who waited" bit, so I especially liked this book. I think any Who fan would fall for it though - kid or adult.

I managed to snag a copy when one hundred or so were made available on Etsy. The rhymes are sweet, and there are so many Doctor Who Easter eggs in her room. It's fun just to look through the pages and try to spot them all!

I wanted to make sure this book was on your radar and point out that you can pre-order your copy of Goodnight, Pond right here.


  1. Love it! I'm off to track it down. I'm a reborn Dr. Who fan.

    ­Rod Salm
    Death At Your Door, a weekly webcomic about Death trying to live a life.

  2. It's really freaking cute. I bet you'll like it!

  3. My son LOVES Goodnight moon - so if it is anything like that we will BOTH be happy! If it's not the I will still be happy :)

  4. It will definitely make you smile. :D

  5. Hey, is this a book I can still order?? Totally interested

    1. You'd have to get in touch with the creator of the book, I'm not sure!

  6. Hey, is this a book I can still order?? Totally interested

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