August 2, 2012

Dressing up like Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Photo by Bethany Fong of Comics Alliance
Long before I planned my Lady Crusader costume for Comic-Con, I'd decided to put together an Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld costume. Not familiar with the character? You can learn more here, and I highly recommend you check her out. She'll be showing up in DC Nation shorts soon!

Anyways, it didn't take more than a few issues of the comics for me to realize I couldn't wait to cosplay as her. I looked over her outfit, and I decided I could make it work without any sewing and very little actual work. It was mostly just finding the right pieces and accessories. Remember, nothing is wrong with closet cosplay. It's still a blast, and closet cosplay is completely satisfying to me. Per my normal procedure when I tackle any costume, I made a list of what I needed from head to toe.

Wig - I often stick to cosplaying characters with my natural hair color because I hate wigs so much, but thanks to a tip from Castle Corsetry, I discovered Arda Wigs. They have a ton of styles, they're affordable, and I love the quality. I went with the Ferrari style in a Platinum Blonde because my friend had also mentioned their platinum is very yellow, and that's exactly what I wanted. It was perfect.

Tiara - I got a small and cheap tiara from the girls' toy area of Target and painted it with two shades of purple acrylic paint (the cheapest brand at Michael's).

Gold collar and bracers - This was the trickiest part of the costume, and they were still really easy to fashion. I used sheets of yellow craft foam and measured them about 5,000 times and cut out the shapes needed for each piece. I decided to leave the bracers with flat ends rather than trying to shape them. I used one piece of sticky-back velcro (one piece meaning one square including both velcro parts) near the top of each bracer to close them.

Once the velcro was placed and good and stuck, I drew large swirls on the front of the bracers. I wanted to sort of imitate the patterns on Amethyst's. I traced over my lines with hot glue, but you could also use puff paint. I did the same for the collar. Once the hot glue was completely dry, I painted the craft foam pieces with gold metallic acrylic paint. I did two thin layers (letting it dry in between), and I liked that in some places the yellow of the craft foam underneath came through.

I also used velcro to attach the collar piece to my shirt. My shirt had spaghetti straps so I put a square of velcro on each side and also in the middle of the top of the shirt. I lined up the collar, made marks where the velcro should go, and attached them. The peel and stick pieces worked fine for me without any additional hot glue.

Purple shirt/dress - Amethyst's is technically backless and probably made from a different material, but I found a suitable cotton purple tunic from Forever21. I hot glued on gold ribbon trim around the bottom. I wore purple cheerleading shorts and dance tights under the tunic.

Belt - The belt was another piece I wasn't sure if I would get right. I didn't want to make it, and I couldn't find something that worked online. Luckily, there's a Nordstrom Rack near my craft store, so I wandered in for the first time ever, and they happened to have a gold belt that looked passable. It was the only one they had in stock, too. Whew.

Boots - As soon as I decided to cosplay Amethyst I knew just where I would look for the boots: Etsy. I found the perfect pair of green suede vintage boots there for my Poison Ivy costume, and I had a hunch I'd find purple ones for this costume. And I did. The boots are actually a mix of fake leather and suede, but they are my size and comfortable and a beautiful shade of purple. Best part? They were affordable. They are less than or equal to the price I'd pay for a pair of vinyl costume boots. I'll always look on Etsy first.

I only wore my Amethyst costume for a few hours, and of course in that few hours I managed to meet the co-creator of the character, Dan Mishkin and the artist and animator working on the character for the DC Nation shorts, Brianne Drouhard. Yeah, it was a rather amazing day. Besides that fabulousness, a handful of people recognized the costume, and those who did seemed like they loved the character and were happy to see her out in the world. I can't wait to wear the costume again.

Oh, and just so you recognize her when you see her, here's what Amethyst looks like in the upcoming DC Nation shorts:


  1. Very Awesome costume!Love the bracers - very creative.

  2. Thank you for your detailed description! I cosplay Amethyst for Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I'm glad you got to meet her creator and that she's coming back soon!

    My cosplay:

  3. Thank you for your detailed description! I cosplay Amethyst for Dragon*Con in Atlanta. I'm glad you got to meet her creator and that she's coming back soon!

    My cosplay:

    1. I saw your costume when I was starting research for mine! It's awesome! :D

  4. You look fantastic & your talents are wonderful! You have a natural look that really suits the character, so added bonus right there :)


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