August 31, 2012

Five Captain America sketches

I've started a couple of sketchbooks, but it took me until last year to realize I wanted a consistent theme. This was inspired by seeing Cat Staggs' amazing Batgirl sketchbook a while ago - mine isn't as cool as hers. Her book has more of a Grail Diary epic quality whereas mine is right off the shelf, but hey, you have to start somewhere. Being that I'd recently fallen for my first superhero comic character, Captain America, he seemed like a natural focus for my sketchbook.

And in case you don't know what I mean by sketchbook, I mean literally a book that you ask or commission artists to draw in at conventions - this is instead of them doing it on their own paper. For someone who's running out of wall space for art (I bet I'm not alone in that), a sketchbook is a great way to collect more art in less space. Plus it makes a really great keepsake to flip through and maybe even pass down one day.

I've built up my book slowly, and I think I'm almost at ten sketches so far. Here are five* of them:

Since Cat Staggs was the reason I started this sketchbook, it seemed only appropriate that she drew the first art in it.
Alas, poor Red Skull - by Thom Zahler
by Jeremy Dale
by Bobby Timony
by Lora Innes (and in this style because I love her webcomic The Dreamer)

The sketches look better when not photographed with an iPhone. I hope to get a couple more at Baltimore Comic Con in a week.

Do any of you have a sketchbook? Is it themed?

*Why five? Because I'm going to try a Friday Five thing and see how it sticks.


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