August 22, 2012

Getting crafty in the galaxy far, far away (my favorite Star Wars crafters)

When it comes to crafting I usually have the eyes bigger than my stomach syndrome. Er, fabric bigger than my sewing machine. Hm. You get the idea. I'm overly ambitious. I'll visit the craft store with determination, gather my supplies, and then let them get dusty in the corner for a few months. It's one reason why the geek girl craft days have been good. It forces me to get out the hot glue gun.

It shouldn't surprise any of you that my favorite geek themed crafts to make are Star Wars related. Since I'm gearing up to head to Celebration VI later tonight, I figured it's a good time as any to tell you the folks I look to for Star Wars (and general) craft inspiration.

Bonnie Burton
In case you somehow don't know, Bonnie released a fantastic book full of Star Wars crafts last year: The Star Wars Craft Book. There are instructions there for all levels of projects from felt puppets to a duct tape AT-AT planter to Admiral Sackbar. She has creative ways of using everyday craft supplies and objects to make awesome stuff. And bonus, she has a Geek DIY craft show on Stan Lee's YouTube channel. She made a steampunk ray gun with Eliot Sirota in the latest episode:

Jennifer Landa
Every time I see Jeni she has a new piece of Star Wars jewelry that I covet. My favorites are her LEGO minifig earrings. They're stylish, geektastic, and light enough that they don't make your ears hurt. She also taught me how to decoupage, the craft skill that just keeps on giving. She paints TOMS, makes awesome Jabba headbands, and you know what else? She's super nice. Check out her Twitter to keep up with her latest projects and subscribe to her YouTube channel. And watch and learn how to make a Star Wars shadowbox:

Amanda Camarillo
One of the first times I saw Amanda, she was wearing an X-Wing dress. Yeah, she's got skills. I've only run into her a few times at conventions, but she constantly has cute new accessories, t-shirt dresses, etc. Luckily for us, she recently started posting Star Wars craft videos on her YouTube channel in preparation for Celebration. They cover how to make pillows, headbands, crayons, the aforementioned t-shirt dresses, and so much more. She explains the steps very clearly, and her recent videos finally got me off my butt and to the sewing supply store to get bobbins for the tiny sewing machine someone recently gave me. We'll see what happens. Check out the t-shirt dress video!

Which geeky crafters do you keep up with?


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