August 20, 2012

Handmade ParaNorman stuff and scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

As you might have guessed from my review earlier today, I thought ParaNorman was pretty darn great. I'm already looking forward to having a Coraline and ParaNorman movie night with friends (oh yes, there will be themed snacks). It's enough that the movie was lovely, but there are a couple of things I want to call attention to. The marketing team has done a fantastic job getting the word out about this film, and they've employed some unique methods in doing so. Here are two of my favorites: handmade ParaNorman items from artists on Etsy and a collection of movie inspired scents from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. 

Heck yes.

Over at Etsy, LAIKA  reached out to artists for lots of cool stuff!
LAIKA is committed to the handmade art of stop-motion animation. To help celebrate this love of craft, LAIKA asked artists in the Etsy community to offer their take on ParaNorman with their own handmade objects. We're adding more items soon!
By LadyBeta
You can find a wool felted doll of Norman, zombie hand necklaces, adorable cross-stitch patterns like the one pictured above, glasses, and there is even more to come. Go drool over stuff! Bookmark it and check back often. I bet more and more items will be added as more people see the movie.

After you've bought some cool crafts, you can support another small company and smell like scents inspired by the movie! If you're not familiar with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, they are worth checking out (and I will not be responsible for the damage done to your wallet). You may as well start by looking over the scents for ParaNorman. Here are a few examples of the concoctions they've created:
Hoodie cotton and milk-splashed denim with a hint of pine needles and ectoplasm.
Old, yellowed parchment paper, tattered leather bindings. There’s a distinct warmth to the scent, though it is ancient and brittle.
Sweet cigar smoke, brown wool, Old Furry Touk accord, and a little bit of coffee.
You can bet the labels will be fantastic, too. (Also, they have Coraline inspired scents too, just sayin).

It is beyond classy that LAIKA and Focus Features and whoever else made the big decisions chose to work with artisans and small businesses in this way. This kind of support is something the movie industry could stand to have a metric ton more of. And you know what? These types of marketing methods stick with the casual bystander, too! I don't remember a damn thing about advertising for The Avengers, but I'll remember all of this.


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