August 7, 2012

Love for My Little Ponies

Just a few months ago I was looking for a television show to stream while I worked out. Walking on a treadmill goes faster when there's entertainment involved (hey, these tricks seem to work on my brain). I scrolled through Netflix to see what was available to stream and noticed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'd seen friends talk positively and enthusiastically about the series on Twitter, that was a good sign. Really though, it wasn't a hard sell. I had piles of My Little Ponies when I was little. I couldn't get into Barbies, but I had every sort of pony I could talk my parents into buying. I even had the show stable. Watching the show was going to be like putting on a giant, fuzzy robe of nostalgia.

It turned out to be better.

I expected to find the show adorable and maybe silly, instead I was completely entertained. It is adorable and silly, but there's more. The series starts with Twilight Sparkle being sent to Ponyville for a change of pace. She studies too much, and the Princess (her teacher) wants her to make friends. She encounters all sorts of characters in Ponyville and hilarity ensues.

Yeah, at first I just squee'd a lot at the overall cute factor. A baby dragon, funny antics, cute animals, and more knocked the precious-o-meter off the charts.Then I started to notice the clever writing. I found myself laughing a lot and not for bad reasons. The show is funny. Besides the humor, you can also extract some solid life lessons out of episodes. I know, seems ridiculous. But each episode has a moral, and even though they might be obvious and we've probably heard them before, it doesn't mean they're not worthy or true. It kind of reminds me of the quotes at the beginning of each episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

So yeah. There's the entertainment value mixed with reminiscing about Saturday afternoons spent combing all my ponies' manes and tails mixed with morals and on top of that, I amuse myself by matching my friends' personalities to various ponies. I fell in love with the show and inhaled two seasons on Netflix in short order. I started watching them off the treadmill in no time and couldn't stop. It was just what I needed in my life during a rather stressful period.

Next time you think about knocking a cartoon, be it My Little Pony or something else, give it a try instead. Watch a few episodes. If you don't like the particular cartoon you tested, try another. They're not just for kids.


  1. When Friendship is Magic came out I was MAD....almost as mad as I was when they started putting Strawberry Shortcake in jeans (GRRRRR) Now my son is 3 and I was looking for something to put on Netflix and I saw that - I figured well why not give it a try and my son will like it and it can't be a "bad" cartoon - sorry to all spongebob lovers but that in my opinion is a "bad" cartoon.I put it on and found myself engrossed in the show. So now I will try a show BEFORE I make a judgement....hopefully!

  2. It definitely caught me by surprise.

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