August 30, 2012

Star Wars Celebration Round Up

My new pal. He's half a friend.
Let's be honest. I could talk about Star Wars Celebration VI and everything I saw there for a couple more weeks. Easily. But since I should shut up about it at some point and go on to other topics, I figured it was time to round up all my coverage and move along. I covered several events for the Official Star Wars Blog, and I posted a few things for Nerd Approved and Fashionably Geek. Here we go:

SWCVI: An Hour With Ian McDiarmid - Listening to the Emperor talk was definitely one of my convention highlights.

SWCVI: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five Premiere - This show continues to knock my socks off. The end.

SWCVI: The Second Session of the Super Secret Panel - Remember that time George Lucas crashed the panel about Star Wars Detours and made comments about Seth Green's height? No. Well, you can read about it at the link.

SWCVI: The Future of Star Wars in 3D - The process for converting the Star Wars films to 3D has changed and it looks way more amazing. I definitely learned a lot from this panel.

SWCVI: James Arnold Taylor’s Talking To Myself - James Arnold Taylor's one man show was my favorite part of Celebration VI. He is an incredibly talented guy with an inspiring story. Truly.

SWCVI: A Date With a Princess - Carrie Fisher is hilarious. The end.

SWCVI: The Maul Within - Sam Witwer is a huge Star Wars fan, and it really comes through any time he talks about portraying Maul. Read what he had to say about bring the Sith back to life.

Star Wars: Detours Animated Comedy Series Announced [SWCVI] - Read more about the upcoming Star Wars Detours!

Star Wars Episodes II and III Are Coming To 3D Next Year - If you didn't hear, episodes II and III will be released in 3D back to back in 2013!

The 501st Legion Helped Bring The Star Wars Movies To Life At Celebration VI - Thank you, 501st Legion, for being awesome and helping to make my CVI experience extra amazing.

My 5 Favorite Star Wars Custom Helmets For The Make-A-Wish Auction [SWCVI] - There were so many creative helmet designs to drool over!

Check out all my photos from Celebration VI here.


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