August 24, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI, Day One

Today at Star Wars Celebration VI:

  • I saw two Mara Jades as Arica, at least five Mara Jades in the catsuit, around eight Padmes, and two ladies dressed like Boushh. I didn't see a ton of Slave Leias. 
  • I got Luke in Bacta Tank pens.
  • I saw more toys than my brain could process.
  • I looked at cozy Boba Fett, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 robes.
  • I drooled over a Maul motorcycle jacket from UD replicas.
  • I saw a life-size rancor.
  • I ran into friends and met some lovely folks from Twitter.
  • I saw a person walking around in a Gonk costume.
  • I went to a Dark Horse Comics panel and learned there will be a new Jedi Dark Times series and maybe something new in the Star Wars Legacy department (Randy Stradley said to keep eyes open).
  • I got a customized Star Tours name tag (that's Amy in Aurebesh and I decided to be from Hoth):
  • I attended the conversation with Ian McDiarmid and listened to him talk in depth about Palpatine and his many facets. My write-up will be up at soon. At the end of the panel he pretended to lay on the Force lightning to James Arnold Taylor:
  • There was also this little mouse droid:

My photos are being uploaded throughout each day of the convention over at Nerd Approved!


  1. What booth did yo get the name tag at? I would love to grab one of those!

  2. It's from the Disney booth!

    1. Thanks so much! I will definitely be getting one of these today!!

  3. Sounds like sooo much fun! One of these years I'll have to get over my hatred of Florida in August and just go! :)


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