August 25, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI, Day Two

On day two of Star Wars Celebration VI:

  • I fed a life-size rancor a snack (thanks 501st Legion!)
  • I drooled over some Genndy Clone Wars figures (I think I'm getting them today).
  • I attended a cupcake party held by Her Universe featuring cupcakes from Cupcake Wars. YUM.
  • I ran into friends and met some lovely folks from Twitter (yeah, that's hopefully going to be an every day theme).
  • I met a wampa, saw a set from the Mos Eisley Cantina, and tons of awesomely decorated helmets for the Make-A-Wish foundation project.
  • I made a wampa puppet friend and am taking him home.
  • I covered the red carpet for the premiere of season five of the Clone Wars and got to talk to some awesome people:
  • I then watched the season five premiere, and it was amazing. I can't say enough good things about this series.
  • I saw a lot of cosplayers with impressive outfits, including an amazing Mon Mothma.
See all my pics from yesterday and the entire convention here! I'll be uploading throughout the day!


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