August 11, 2012

Stuff I've written lately

Hey, it's been a while since I caught up on linking stuff I've written for other sites. I blame Comic-Con for throwing me off track. Some of these posts may be a few weeks old, but hopefully they're still interesting. I've got articles about Course of the Force, Batman, and some video interviews with artists and writer Len Wein. If you're interested...

The Course Of The Force Experience [Feature] - I got to participate in Course of the Force, a lightsaber relay that went all the way from Santa Monica to San Diego. It was a crazy fun experience!

Batman Does Halloween - July's theme at Blastoff Comics was all about Batman, and the Night of the Reaper story caught my eye and made me happy for so many reasons (including the image above).

Why So Serious, Batman? - I wouldn't exactly call Batman cheerful, but as I realized, it's just not his place in the world.

Magneto On My Mind - The theme for August at Blastoff is Marvel Silver Age, and I've found myself drawn to the stories of the bad guys. Uncanny X-Men #161 that explored Magneto and Xavier's friendship especially stood out.

Blastoff at San Diego Comic-Con – J.K. Woodward - My video interview with artist J.K. Woodward. Among other projects, he's drawing interior art for the Doctor Who/Star Trek comic from IDW.

Blastoff at San Diego Comic-Con – Jenny Frison - Another video interview, this one with amazing cover artist Jenny Frison!

The Blastoff Video Interview – Len Wein, Part 3 - And one more! This is part 3 of my interview with the incredibly talented Len Wein. We talking about his time editing Watchmen and his work on the new Before Watchmen series (he's writing the Corsair stories and Ozymandias).

I've also written about some fun toys, clothes, and news for Fashionably Geek and Nerd Approved. TARDIS skirts, rings, a Hot Wheels Mars Rover Curiosity toy, and more.


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