August 28, 2012

SWCVI: Carrie Fisher Is Hilarious

Carrie Fisher attended Star Wars Celebration VI, and she was hilarious. Seriously. She was candid, charming, crass in the good way, and I now know to never miss seeing her live if I can help it. She was a good sport too - she even sang part of the Life Day song from the Holiday Special. Yes, she remembered the words. To my surprise, they even showed the clip. I did write about the panel for the blog, but I couldn't include the parts about her calling the Sarlacc Pit a "lethal sand genital." Thusly, I've included my tweets from the night below. Be sure to check out the final picture - she ended the evening by spanking host James Arnold Taylor.

My write-up at the official Star Wars blog!

Read my tweets from the bottom up:

And then she spanked Taylor:
Photo by @attractions


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