August 29, 2012

The Clone Wars Season Five Trailer!

The trailer for season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has hit the web, and I am awed by how they keep raising the bar. When I watch these new trailers for each season I think to myself: "How are they ever going to top this?" But then, they do. Every time.

I encourage you to watch this twice to absorb everything:

Death Watch, Onderon, a new female character named Stila (Steela?), Bo-Katan, Maul and Savage partnering with the Death Watch, a Republic Commando, and Palpatine appearing as Sidious and wielding two lightsabers against Maul and Savage. Wow. I got to see this trailer at the end of the season five premiere at Star Wars Celebration VI, and I loved that the crowd flipped out equally over the Republic Commando and seeing Darth Sidious.

I also attended the panel for The Clone Wars on Saturday morning. We saw a few clips of what's to come, and there's a lot to be excited about. has a detailed recap of the panel. I live-tweeted some highlights, so without further adieu (just remember to read from the bottom up on each image to get the tweets in order):


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