August 22, 2012

The shirtless Wookiee

I love that so many of my favorite Star Wars actors, crew, etc are on Twitter (actually, Club Jade even has a convenient list of of those on Twitter along with links). They talk about special events, their current projects and charity efforts, appearances, and so much more. It's also a cool way to interact with the people you admire - hopefully in a respectful, not creepy way.

It also leads to bizarre and wonderful things like shirtless of pictures of Chewbacca - well, Peter Mayhew.

I say wonderful because it tickles me and makes me so happy to see Peter Mayhew using Twitter. It's Chewbacca. On social media. He tweets about his foundation, appearances, and more. I admire the heck out of that guy. Go follow him and keep up with this very nice and talented guy.


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