August 15, 2012

You can't stop the crafting

I had geek gals over for another round of crafting recently. We just can't stop. The nerd shoe day made me especially rabid for more crafting and in particular, more crafting time with friends. We've got together once or twice since then (I think - time all sort of blurs together), and we're not sick of each other yet. We didn't have a specific theme this time, just more sort of general skills. A lot of us decoupaged, we modded t-shirts, and made pillows. Yeah, it's a weird combination but it completely worked.

I am addicted to decoupaging, and I'm not alone. My pal Stephanie always comes armed with bangle bracelets, lots of comics, and scissors that cut wacky shapes. I love it. This time she focused on Amethyst, and because I sort of love that character (I dressed up like her at Comic-Con), Stephanie gave me the bracelet. Yeah, she's sweet.

What else? Jenn and Andrea both brought sewing machines and made pillow covers:

They both got the fabrics at JoAnn's. Jenn was very patient with showing me how she made a square pillowcase, and it actually looked easy. I just need to get comfortable with the mechanics of using the machine. 

Jenn also brought amazing C-3PO cookies with her!! Crafting is better with cookies. Recipe here.
Pic by Jenn
Beth made a lovely headband that I didn't get to photograph and she also started the process of turning a large My Little Pony/Hunger Games tee from WeLoveFine into a dress! And she made it look easy. I have a Princess Celestia one that I'm going to try to tame into a tank top.
Pic by Jenn
Headbands were a good choice and Janna created one with the Punisher. She sort of likes that guy. I love the way her headband came out!
Pic by Janna
She made a wonderful Marvel superheroes bracelet, too.

Jennifer started what I believe will eventually be a Jabba headband. She just freeformed the Jabba shape out of craft foam like it was no big deal.
And then Kimi used mad decoupage skills on a Wonder Woman purse:
As for me, I modded a t-shirt and decoupaged a headband. I've had an XL Avengers tee from the boys' department at Target that I've been meaning to make more fitting for a while, and it was finally time. There were sewing machines and ladies who knew how to use them. I followed a how-to on Set to Stunning and decided to cut the sleeves and collar off first. I tried it on before I cut any further... and realized just those changes made the shirt into a perfectly cute off the shoulder shirt. I didn't gain any sewing skills, but I'll get there one day:
I also made a Captain America headband:
It was a delightful afternoon. Crafting with fun people makes you feel like you can do anything.

Future craft days include learning how to make masks, sewing basics, and a day centered entirely around LEGO! I'm so looking forward to that last one because I think I need LEGO heels.


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