September 17, 2012

DIY: Cute Felt Star Wars Pins

I never make as much time for crafting as I should, but when I saw @AMANDAJEANN wearing these adorable felt pins at Celebration VI I knew I had to attempt to make them:

Someone gave them to her, and a Max Rebo pin joined the collection later in the weekend. I decided to try the concept out, and while I don't think my pins are as cool, they're a little cute. They're addicting and extra fun because they don't require a huge list of supplies and they're sort of free form. You can capture a character mostly with the colors of felt you use; the shapes can be pretty loose. Aside from the hot glue, this is a fun craft for kids too.

You'll need the following:
- Felt (colors depends on the characters you want to make)
- Scissors
- Googly eyes or black beads
- Hot glue
- Sharpie
- Maybe markers
- Needle and embroidery floss
- Pin backs

I decided to start with a Wampa and an Ewok. I pulled up some reference photos and then started with white felt for the Wampa. The bottom of a shot glass was the perfect size for a mini-Wampa head; I also made sure the pin back would fit on the circle.

I cut tiny, curved horns from black felt and attached them with hot glue. I tried to sew the eyes and mouth before I put on the craft fur, but that didn't work out. It was too hard to place fur around them. I cut the craft fur (which I'm convinced I did wrong because it went everywhere) and had it ready to pull from. I covered the white felt with a thin layer of hot glue and pressed fur onto it in a completely unorganized and messy fashion. I let it dry and I repeated the process.

Once the glue was completely dry, I trimmed the fur that was overhanging the Wampa's head and tada! Cute  'lil monster face!

I decided some googly eyes I had were the right size, but I didn't like the way they looked. They didn't fit. So, I colored them in with a black Sharpie. I made small marks for where I wanted them on the fur and hot glued them on. I used a fine tip Sharpie to draw a light line for the mouth, and then I added some bloodstains with a red Crayola marker.

Once everything was dry on the front, I turned it over and attached the pin back with hot glue... Yes, this is how I make new friends.

I followed a similar process for an Ewok:

I have plans to make Greedo and a tauntaun next!

If you want to give the pins a little more substance, you can cut two of the primary shape, stitch them together, and stuff them with a tiny bit of filling.


  1. This. Is. AMAZING!!! As a huge Star Wars geek, I love this! Problem is, I am about as crafty as a jug of yogurt. I best show my lady this.

    Very cool! Have a sweet day!

    1. Ha! I bet you can do it - just don't be like me and burn yourself with hot glue. Every. freaking. time.

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