September 28, 2012

Five R2-D2 Accessories

I know that I'm more attuned to Star Wars because I love it. I feel like I can spot anything related to the galaxy from miles away, and I feel like it involves R2-D2 more often than not. Fans can't get enough of the little droid.

I get it. He's friendly, he makes funny and cute noises, he's occasionally a smart ass, he's got a great color palette, and he's recognizable even to people who don't know Star Wars. Artoo is more lovable than many of the human characters in the saga. His pattern is printed on t-shirts, bathing suits, skirts, luggage - freaking everything. Here are five accessories featuring the astromech:

This roomy shoulder bag has the R2-D2 design digitally printed onto its surface, but it still looks classy to me.
Look no further for an awesome apron! This works as protection from flying flour or a quick and easy costume. I seriously want to see a pinafore cosplay group next year at SDCC.
I have to include a crochet R2-D2 beanie; it's classic. This adorable hat will keep your head warm and be a beacon calling Star Wars fans to you. You have to provide the beeping noises though.
R2-D2 shoes are a subtle way to wear your favorite droid. I mean, the pattern isn't subtle but they are on your feet and it takes a while for people to notice them in my experience. You can buy them or make your own.
Add a little Artoo to your hair with a handmade felt clip!

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  1. OMG that knit had is so adorkable. I'm thinking I must have one.

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