September 7, 2012

Five Stormtroopers who aren't just troopers

Raise your hand if you've seen a Stormtrooper at a geek event! Now raise your hand if you've seen more than one. More than two? I could keep going, but I don't have enough limbs. I am always impressed by the number of people who put incredible amounts of time, energy, and money into creating armor. It's no easy feat to wear it either. Heck, it's hard to even put it on. I borrowed armor once and managed to put most of the pieces on backwards. Yeah.

I respect all the men and women I see in white.

I definitely saw a lot of them at Celebration VI. I believe that several hundred troopers were in the 501st group picture at the convention (please click that - it's an impressive photo). As much as I love seeing troopers (even though I am Light side through and through), I also enjoy seeing the mash-ups and spins people put on the armor. I saw different takes on the traditional trooper costume all over Celebration. Here are five such mash-ups I really liked:

Animal  Trooper! (see more muppets here)

Death Trooper (image by jawajames)

Indiana Jones Trooper (by jawajames)

Kiss Clone Trooper

Minnie Mouse Scout Trooper (by EPBOT)

The creativity. It hurts.

If you can't get enough of mash-ups, Jen at EPBOT rounded up 21 of them at the convention - check it out!


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