October 4, 2012

Superhero Stockings!

It's nowhere near time for Christmas, but who says stockings can't be on display year round? When they don't have a holiday theme you can leave them hanging from your mantle or wall all the time, and you definitely will want to show them off. Don't worry - Super Sox Shop has you covered.

I came across the company at Baltimore Comic-Con last month. I was immediately drawn to a Captain America purse they had, but then I was distracted by all the nerdy stockings. They had superhero designs, villains, monsters, and more - oh my! I think these would make awesome gifts for any occasion, any time of year.

Here are a few examples of the awesome:

If comic book heroes and villains aren't up your alley, be sure to check out the monster and zombie sections for creepy sox you can display just in time for Halloween.

Visit Super Sox Shop to buy yours!


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