October 10, 2012

When #drhorrible trends the world is less horrible

A few cool things happened last night: Dr. Horrible aired on television for the first time on the CW Network, #drhorrible trended on Twitter for a few hours, and Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day live-tweeted the West coast viewing. It very much had the same feeling of excitement and enthusiasm when the web series was first released five years ago. I've owned the DVD for a while (in fact, I received it in the coolest way possible) so I've seen it on a bigger screen but to have it live on TV was a different experience. I was happy that so many people had an opportunity to see it, and I hope the screening brought the awesome that is Dr. Horrible to new people. The thought of thousands of folks realizing that Bad Horse is actually a horse makes me smile.

Seeing tweets from Captain Hammer, Penny, and the writers was just as fun as actually watching the super villain musical. Some of my favorite tweets from the night (click to enlarge);

If watching the singalong blog again or for the first time last night has you longing for more of Dr. Horrible, don't forget that there's a comics collection and a companion book.


  1. I love this! I'm so happy it aired on tv and tried to get people to watch it too. Thanks for posting the tweets, I didn't get to see them.

    1. Absolutely! I hope lots of new people saw it!

  2. Your blog title (and content, for that matter) is 100% accurate. And thanks for collecting the twitter posts!! Great stuff :)


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