November 6, 2012

Why I'm looking forward to Brian Wood's Star Wars comic

Do you see Leia looking completely badass in the flight suit on this cover?
Yeah, that reason above all else is why I can't wait to read Brian Wood's upcoming Star Wars series.
Star Wars #2 Cover by Alex Ross
If you haven't heard about the series, it's coming out in January and it's simply known as Star Wars. The basic premise of the story is to continue events from A New Hope assuming none of the other movies were ever made. It leaves a whole lot of fresh canvas; you can read more details here.

As I highlighted above, one of the awesome things we know about the series is that Leia is an X-wing pilot. In the handful of Expanded Universe stories I've read around the original trilogy timeline, Leia is mostly a diplomat. She's fantastic at playing that role - just like her mother - but it does make you miss her take charge, take blaster attitude from A New Hope. It looks like we'll see that side in the Star Wars comics. Woods tweeted a bit of the script recently that made me smile:

Hell. yes.

And I know the future of Star Wars comics is up in the air after the news last week, but Wood tweeted on Sunday that as far as he knows nothing has changed. Thankfully. I want to read this story, and I'd be willing to kick a mouse if it got in the way.


  1. Great write-up :)

    "The basic premise of the story is to continue events from A New Hope assuming none of the other movies were ever made."

    Is this right? This is what Randey Stradley had to say at Celebration VI...

    “Just for the record, it’s not a reboot. We are not ignoring continuity. We’re not trampling continuity. There’s room for new stuff.”

    Just wondering if new info had come out that I did not know about.

    1. I got that info from Brian Wood's announcement about the project:

      "As announced earlier today, I’m writing an ongoing Star Wars book for Dark Horse. Not just any Star Wars book, this will be called “Star Wars”, and will be set in the original trilogy, using the classic characters, and will pretend like its 1977 and no other films were every made or books ever written aside from “A New Hope”.

  2. As I understand, it just means it's based on what's in ANH, rather than spending the whole time referencing the prequels or foreshadowing ESB/ROTJ or anything like that. Not that its going to rewrite the storyline going forward.

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