January 31, 2013

Hobbit art that will injure you with its adorableness

When you come across art that makes you want to clap your hands in glee, you feel compelled to share it in hopes it will make someone else's day brighter. The One Ring.net recently shared some ridiculously precious Thorin art on Facebook, and I went over to the artist's page and fell into a rabbit hole. The creator of the images not only had tons of his or her own work posted, there were also links to more cute art. Here are some of my favorites:

From Kadeart:

This is what caught my attention! Just look at the lil Kili and Fili hanging on their Uncle Thorin. Awww.

From Reammm:

Thranduil is a party animal.

All the feelings.

I want to hug all the dwarves and Bilbo now! I'll just go count the days until The Hobbit is released on Blu-ray.


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