January 17, 2013

I love these geek chic skirts by Golden Lasso Designs

Many Etsy shops try to hit the geek chic note, but more often than not, they miss my definition. I see plenty of fantastic skirts and dresses with geeky prints, but the prints dominate the piece. I like them, but I can't wear most of what I find to work. Actually, I pretty much only bring that sort of stuff out at conventions. I'm constantly on the look out for subtle geeky touches, and Golden Lasso Designs gets the mix just right.

The seamstress behind the shop, Kimi, is a talented cosplayer and designer. She's mixed the geektastic prints you want with styles you can wear every day. You can choose between a ruffle skirt with Star Wars touches, a pleat skirt with hints of Marvel super heroes, or a classic stretch skirt with strips of comic book fabric on the side. If you don't like the particular style matched with a certain fabric, you can probably customize it. She's flexible.

Check out a few examples of her clothing:

Keep an eye on her shop because she's constantly coming up with new ideas!

Go ahead, go shopping!


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