January 10, 2013

My Christmas tree skirt has Star Wars, Marvel comics, Superman, and more

Yes, I'm aware Christmas was a few weeks ago. No, it is not going to stop me from posting a picture of the tree skirt I made. When I put up my little artificial tree, it was lacking... something. Normally I just throw a spare blanket around the bottom and call it a day, but I decided I needed a geeky tree skirt. I went to Etsy, and the only one I turned up had a giant Imperial cog and that was not happening in my house. But then, I had a realization.

I know how to sew now!

My friend Kimi had the patience to show another friend and I the basics and help us make skirts. She taught me about measuring, cutting fabric, sewing it together, hems, and she introduced me to the magical wonder that is bias tape. I had a mini sewing machine, I just needed the right geeky fabric and I could figure it out. This is what I had been trained for!

I got fabric (all of it is from JoAnn's - they have a terrific selection of licensed stuff), bias tape, better thread, and dove in. I used my round dining room table as my pattern base. I wanted my skirt to be a little smaller so I got some scrap fabric, measured, and used a pencil and string to draw my circle. I cut out my pattern fabric and folded it up so that I had 16 sections. I measured the section and cut out 16 pieces of fabric. Yeah, kid stuff but I felt so smart to be sewing something all by myself. Like the queen of sewing.

The next day I pinned and sewed and pinned and sewed some more, and the skirt actually looked like it did in my head. Every step went swimmingly - I even successful wound the bobbin - but before I got to sewing the trim on the outer edge of the fabric, my sewing machine mysteriously stopped working. It just kept getting tangled near the bobbin. I tried to fuss with it in case it was me winding the bobbin that screwed it up, but I couldn't figure out the problem. And since it was December 23rd and I wanted the skirt done, I attached the bias tape with my friend Stitch Witchery. Tada:
I'm pleased with how it turned out, and I might go back next year and add a backing and properly sew the bottom - if I fix my sewing machine by then.


  1. Impressive, Amy, most impressive! Thanks for sharing your geeky creation with us! And belated welcome to the world of sewing; where you can geek-out almost anything you can sew! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you!
      I can see that it's a much bigger world than I thought it was. :)

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