January 3, 2013

Things I talked about in 2012

I'm a procrastinator. It's my nature, and usually I can make it work for me but sometimes - well, I fall a little short. I didn't write out my goals for 2013 until January 2nd and I'm just getting around to posting a sort-of 2012 summary.

I came across this neat-o word cloud tool, and I thought I'd use it to capture all the posts in my blog in 2012. That was a cool thought. As it turns out, that wasn't simple so I crammed from about September onward in and this is what it spat back:
click to enlarge
Even if it's just a sampling of a few months, I feel like it's a decent representation of the long list of stuff I talk about here. As for what's to come in 2012? Lots more of the above. I might even get crazy and get back on some sort of regular schedule again. I know.

I hope you all have happy moments ahead in 2013 and remember to take pleasure in the little things. I think they make all the difference.

And thank you all for stopping by and reading.


  1. Thanks for that crazy word-cloud app. Had fun with it myself, although I was a trifle appalled at the number of times I dropped the f-bomb in my posting. Yike!

    Looking forward to your work in 2013...

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