February 18, 2013

Adorable geeky jewelry from Rockets and Rainbows

Stop. These are the accessories you've been looking for.

If you need some Star Wars jewelry that isn't quite like anything you've seen, then point your ship to Jennifer Landa's Etsy shop. Rockets and Rainbows features a fun mix of toys, bright colors, and cool jewelry designs. You can get necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. I bet each piece will make you smile, and you'll start thinking about outfits you can build to go with these accessories.

Here's a sampling of what's available in the shop:

This is one of few times I think LEGO minifigs completely work in jewelry! R&R has several necklace designs with them (including Bossk) and great dangly but lightweight earrings!

These necklaces are my favorites! The centerpieces (Boushh on this one) are actually part of the late 90s Micro Machines line. The head opens to reveal a mini scene and figures. Yes, it's awesome. She has several of these.

And bam. This is the best way to wear a snowspeeder.

If Star Wars isn't your style, she also has some My Little Pony bracelets and necklaces that are ridiculously cute. And if you want something more chic, it looks like R&R has that coming. Landa recently made this necklace and bracelet for the Geeky Glamorous Art Show and these items or ones like them should be in her Etsy shop soon:

Go check out Rockets and Rainbows now!


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