February 5, 2013

Clone Wars treasures on Etsy

In honor of Star Wars: The Clone Wars being especially awesome over the last few weeks, I decided to scour Etsy in search of handmade goods inspired by the series. I know, it's dirty and distasteful work but someone has to do it and I even resisted purchasing everything - for now.

Yes, that is a bedazzled General Grievous Pez dispenser. Who would have thought I'd ever be able to use the words "bedazzled" and "General Grievous" in the same sentence?! That, my friends, is the magic of Etsy. Sparkly Grievous is $20 from FantastiCollectibles.

Just a few fabric prints have been made featuring designs from The Clone Wars, and I think this ruffly dress with a sweetheart neckline is a perfect use for the bold fabric. It's perfect convention attire. Get yours from SweetHeart Clothing for $135.

Cad Bane may be bad news, but that doesn't mean he doesn't make fabulous living room decor. This Bane pillow is one of my favorite finds (by the way, when people talk about Batman this is the Bane that comes to mind - it's confusing). Rest your head on Bane for $40, pillow crafted by Love With Faith.

All but one of the Siths featured on this print are featured in The Clone Wars, and I call that close enough to count. The style of the art makes me think of Genndy's version of the cartoon - which I also adore. Get a print from Hampton Art Shop for just $5.

Show your support for the Clone Troopers with this crochet hat! We don't know for sure that order 66 was their fault, and they served the Jedi well until then. If nothing else it will keep your head warm. It's $35 from Amaze-ing Hats.

Haven't you always wanted to cuddle Commander Gree? Luminara won't mind sharing. This little guy is made to order by Joy's Dolls and More for $15.

This adorable Ahsoka Tano pillowcase top with a customizable Padawan name is too much. I like the colors and design, and I wish I knew a Youngling who I could order one for as a gift! It's $33.95 from Stitches N Bows.

As you can see, I found a nice variety of listings, but there still need to be more choices available (though I think that goes for Clone Wars merchandise in general). I sadly didn't come across many Ahsoka-centric items.

If you make anything Clone Wars related, please let me know in the comments!


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