February 25, 2013

Her Universe Launches Year of the Fangirl!

If you've been around this blog for long, you know that I am very passionate about Her Universe. Ashley Eckstein's company that makes sci-fi apparel specifically fit for ladies does more than just add fantastic items to wardrobes across the nation - it brings geek gals together. It's a community. To help strengthen that aspect of Her Universe, Ashley is launching a fun project that I'm thrilled and flattered to be a part of - Year of the Fangirl.

While attending conventions and interacting with people on sites like Twitter, I've come across a ton of fangirls who inspire me. I know ladies who are amazing cosplayers, writers, and bakers of geeky cupcakes. I know a lady who applies her clinical psychology degree to studying comic book characters. I know ladies who are passionate about their fandoms and sort of mentor younger girls. They all impress me and push me to keep pursuing my dreams. Yeah, it sounds cheesy but it's true!Year of the Fangirl will celebrate these women.

Ashley wanted a way to feature the everyday fangirl. The girls we meet in the line for Hunger Games at the local theater, the girls with crafty skills we admire, the girls who illustrate comics - everyone. Year of the Fangirl will feature regular posts about fangirls just like us for a year. From the press release:
"From day one, it's been very important to me to make Her Universe a positive and supportive community for fangirls," said Ashley Eckstein. "I've traveled the nation over the past 2 ½ years with Her Universe and I have been inspired by so many amazing women. There are several great outlets that highlight fangirl celebrities and pop culture news but I wanted to create a place where we will share the stories of everyday women who are proudly letting their geek flag fly! If she considers herself a fangirl, we want to hear her story!"
Though everyone can submit posts, a team of geek ladies will be constantly searching for girls to feature. That team includes myself, Tricia Barr, Victoria Schmidt, Erin Kelahan, and Lillian Skye. We are all super excited to be a part of this project!

To learn how to submit information (either for yourself or another fangirl over 13), visit Her Universe! I look forward to reading about all the fangirls out there and I can't wait to meet more awesome gals at conventions this year!


  1. As you may know already, as a member of the opposite side, Ashley, yourself and many other geek gals have my full support! ^^

    Congratulations on the venture Amy; hope it flourishes!



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