February 20, 2013

Life goal achieved: I'm a My Little Pony - sort of

If you are a fan of comics or My Little Pony, you've probably noticed that IDW has been publishing a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. It's wonderful. That run is at its third issue, but a new micro-series spotlighting each one of the mane six is out today. The first issue stars Twilight Sparkle in a tale about books, friendship, and it co-stars a curmudgeonly sort of pony that I adore. Also, I'M A PONY IN IT!

Click to enlarge
See that yellow pony with reddish hair in the top left panel? That's me! Take note of the cutie mark. My pals Drea and Brian also appear in the same panel. Maybe their cutie marks mean something too.

The comic was written and drawn by Thom Zahler, and I'm happy to be a part of it.
I also like that I've appeared twice in comics now - once as a demon in the Angel Yearbook and now as a pony. It's the best possible combo.

If you like ponies, go pick up My Little Pony Micro-Series featuring Twilight Sparkle today! Not because I'm in it but because it's cute and charming and funny.


  1. This is just awesome! Kudos to Mr. Zahler! ^^

    Love how he also incoporated the tattoo; a Pony of the Rebel Alliance (more trusty than a Tauntaun...?)

    Plus, I wonder if it's explained why she looks even more annoyed than the others...XD


    1. Hehe! Well, I can be awfully curmudgeonly.

  2. It looks just like you!!! :-) How Cool!!!

    1. I'm tempted to get a plushie made just because of the cutie mark.

  3. Love Zahler's work at Love and Capes; how cool is it that he's a brony, too? And totally sweet to be immortalized in pony form!


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