February 9, 2013

Rambling round-up: Doctor Who dresses, fictional homes, & Star Wars recipes

I don't know if you know this about me, but I like to keep busy. Sometimes too busy for my own good. Though I haven't posted links to my other articles for a while, I do write for a few other websites and I'm adding to the list. I'm going to attempt to get back in the habit of posting links to stuff here in case you want to check them out. The topics range from Star Wars in Comics to TV reviews to cosplay to food - you get the idea.

Eight Dresses That Are Perfect For Traveling With the Doctor [Cosplay] - Eight of my favorite costumes from Doctor Who that have been designed with skirts and dresses.

Star Wars in Comics - My overview of Star Wars in comic books and a mini-review of Star Wars #1 by Brian Wood.

Ten Lord of The Rings Quotes For All Occasions - It was challenging to pick just ten quotes from Lord of the Rings! See what I chose and tell me what your favorites are!

Five Fictional Homes Where I’d Like To Live [Featured] - The theme for my list is mostly comfortable and cozy.

Five Star Wars Treats You Can Make With The Force - Links to recipes and how-tos for a few fantastic Star Wars themed edibles.


  1. OK; so this is TOTALLY off topic and for that I apologize, but...

    If you haven't heard about this I wanted to link you to it:


    Immediately thought of you; hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    1. Never apologize for sharing stuff like that!
      I hadn't seen that article yet, and I can't wait to read it with my coffee tomorrow morning. :D


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