April 12, 2013

All the nerdy, unique, handmade bags you need!

I don't necessarily get into purses - unless they're of the geeky variety. I can always talk myself into a new roomy bag for conventions and Etsy seller Geeky U has tons of adorable designs I haven't seen anywhere else.

They feature characters across comics and Star Wars and have a patchwork feel. The purses are handcrafted from heavy fabrics so you know they can take a beating, and the characters are felt applique. Because of  the way they are put together, it doesn't seem like any two are exactly alike. Even though there may be a few Boba Fett designs, none of them are applied to the same purse style.

The fact that they are not mass produced means the shop inventory is regularly changing and it's a reason to go back to the Etsy shop week after week to check out what's new. Here are just a few examples of the cool items from the store!

The store isn't just limited to bags either! You can peruse screen printed tees, fun dresses, Ewok hats, and creative hoodies like these:

Have fun shopping!


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