April 10, 2013

Disneyland's new Fantasy Faire

Disneyland recently opened a new area of the park and even though it's small, the new Fantasy Faire oozes charm. The area replaced the Carnation Plaza Gardens stage area - which I've only ever known as the place where swing dancers hung out on Saturday nights. I never spent any time there otherwise. This new corner of the park gives the Princesses a regular hang out spot, has a new snack cart and shop, and also hosts two entertaining shows.
I've always appreciated the attention paid to all the details in the parks, but I feel like the opening of Wizarding World at Universal Orlando really forced Disney to up their game (and their game was already amazing). I noticed that with the opening of Cars Land at California Adventure - it's as themed as it possibly can be. It's like walking through the movie. I've heard similar sentiments about the new Fantasyland areas at Disney World, and Fantasy Faire is on the same track.

The centerpiece of the new space is a lovely statue of Rapunzel's tower. She's leaning out the window and her hair winds down. It's gorgeous, and I'd buy a miniature of it in a second. Then on the right you have the opportunity to meet three princesses. I didn't go in, but I've seen each princess has an alcove and you can easily transition between them. Aurora, Ariel, and I think Cinderella were there, but the line up changes throughout the day. Apparently any princess from the movies could make an appearance. If you want to meet them, I recommend getting in line as early as you can.

To the left of the entrance is Maurice's Treats where you can get bready twists (I loved the savory one) and a berry apple frozen drink. There's also a cozy theater where you can see Tangled and Beauty and the Beast shows. They're essentially abbreviated versions of the films told in a sort of vaudeville style, and you must check them out! Be sure to get in line at least 30 minutes before the show if you want seats on the benches inside. You can also stand on the outer edges just outside the tent and see most of it.

You should stop to see two more things in Fantasy Faire: Clopin's Music Box and Figaro the Cat. It strikes me as an odd choice for characters, but they both add charm to the space so hey, whatever works.

If you like princess gear, be sure to take a second to browse in the shop too. I was happy to see they had mini stuffed bears from Brave! Oh, and actually - you have to go in the store to look at all the Disney movie Easter eggs on the shelf that wraps around the top of the store. If you don't recognize something, ask a cast member!

In sum, I adore the new Fantasy Faire. Don't go in assuming it's giant but don't write it off - it's so worth exploring! You can see more of my photos over at Flickr.


  1. So cool! It's about time they did something with the space. When I was a kid we'd get giant ice cream cones there, but they moved that all to Main Street, and then in school all the bands and choirs would perform on that stage.

    1. I think it will definitely be used more this way at least!

  2. I want to go here so bad. Maybe a post-SDCC road trip is in order.

    1. Do it! Plus the fact that it's Disney and already awesome, lots of people go after San Diego so it's like an extension of the convention. :)

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