April 8, 2013

Favorite quotes from Game of Thrones: Dark Wings, Dark Words

How can an episode of television go so fast?! The end credits of Game of Thrones surprise me every freaking time. They covered a lot of ground in Dark Wings, Dark Words and introduced new characters and creatures. Though we didn't see everyone, plenty of characters did have solid moments and fantastic lines. You can read my favorite quotes from Dark Wings, Dark Words below.

Beware: spoilers lurk after the image.

"Once the cow's been milked, there's no squirting the milk back up her udder so here we are to see things through." - Olenna Tyrell

“You weren’t Renly’s type, I’m afraid. He preferred curly-haired little girls like Loras Tyrell. You’re far too much man for him.” - Jaime Lannister

"I try to know as many people as I can. never know which one you’ll need." - Tyrion Lannister

“It’s a shame the throne wasn’t made out of cocks. They’d have never gotten [Renly] off of it.” - Jaime Lannister

"Some people will always need help. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth helping." - Meera Reed

"He's a monster." - Sansa Stark (stupid, stupid Sansa)

“No flowers! I’m the king!” - Joffrey Lannister

"There’s no story so good a drink won’t make it better." - Thoros of Myr

I can't resist sharing some of my initial reactions to the episode. I don't remember much about A Storm of Swords so I can't pick apart differences from the book but some more general thoughts:

- Brienne and Margaery were my favorite parts of the episode. Brienne and Jaime have excellent chemistry and I loved watching her take him down. And watching Margaery manipulate Joffrey and make Cersei jealous is was so good.

- Olenna Tyrell is just as I pictured she would be.

- I'm glad the Reeds are finally here but their entrance was underwhelming and I bet confusing for people who haven't read the books.

- Bran really grew up between seasons!

- What the hell was up with Catelyn's speech about Jon? It's no secret she has never loved Jon Snow, but the whole blaming herself because she didn't follow through on her promise? I can't see Catelyn Stark ever believing she could give the Stark name to the bastard her husband brought home. Ever. I'm disappointed with the way they've handled her character.
That said, it was wonderfully acted by Michelle Fairley.

What did you guys think of the episode?


  1. I haven't really cared for show Catelyn since S2. The actress is doing a great job and I love her but too much has been taken from her and given to show Robb.

    1. Yes, the actress is wonderful but I feel like they've made her weaker.


    I love Catelyn though I'm a little "meh" with where they're taking her storywise. I can see why she would make some of the decisions she's made, but I'm all about strong women, and she seemed to start off strong. Then again I haven't read the books so I'm not sure where she's supposed to go or how she's written to be.

    Brienne and Jaime were great. I love the actor that plays Jaime (anyone see New Amsterdam? LOVED that show.) so when I saw him in this series, I thought YAY! Then my friends who read the books were like "Um, no." Then later I was told that he redeems himself or at least you figure out why he is the way he is.

    Margaery... she seems to have a head on her shoulders (as does her Grandmother who is fabulous). I think everything I've seen the actress in has always been scantily clad or barely dressed... what is up with that?

    Oh Sansa... when is she going to have her moment. And when is Joffrey gonna get smacked down?

    What was the deal with Jon Snow's mother again? I know the general gist of what happened - Ned was away, slept with a chic, took the child, brought him home - but I never got more of an explanation than that.

    And Tyrion is awesomesauce, but that goes without saying for him as well as Peter Dinklage.

    I like the Reeds. When I saw the clip of all the new actors/characters they were introducing to this season, I was happy when I saw most of them though I was really happy to see Ciarin Hinds, Mackenzie Crook, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster. I wasn't confused by the Reeds arrival though I do find them interesting.

    And yes, Bran grew A LOT! My friends and I thought it was cute how they changed to a cart since he got too big to be carried piggy back.

    And Theon... I want him to be tortured more. Is that possible? He drives me crazy. Not as crazy as Joffrey, but grrr... I don't like him.

    1. You're right about Natalie Dormer; I didn't consider it before but she often doesn't wear much. ;)

      As far as the books, we don't know who Jon Snow's mother is. There are lots of fan theories but not any absolute clues as far as I know.

      I'm glad to hear that the Reeds showing up didn't seem out of the blue. I'm just glad we get to see the characters; I was concerned when they didn't show up last season (they are in book two).

      And Theon! I have all the feelings towards him and none of them are nice.

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