April 2, 2013

Rambling Round Up - WonderCon coverage, Star Wars podcasting and more

It's been a busy week between reviews, my regular writing, and then WonderCon coverage! I've written about bacon, Arrow, Teen Titans Go!, costumes, and appeared on a wonderful Star Wars podcast. Links to everything are just below the picture.

Once Upon a Time: Selfless, Brave, and True Review

Five Ridiculous Bacon Creations [Featured] - I like bacon, but whoa.

Ten Memorable Quotes From Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Read and share yours!

Twelve Costumes That Completely Nail It - These costumes are as close to perfect as it gets.

Five Movie Sets Recreated in LEGO - So many bricks!

WonderCon: Teen Titans Go! Isn't Afraid To Go To Weird Places - My impressions on the first episode of the new animated series and notes on what you can expect.

WonderCon: Falling Skies Cast Tease Season 3 - and the Mega Mechs!

WonderCon 2013: Arrow's First Season Is Going To End With a Bang

Full of Sith podcast - I joined the lovely and nice folks at Full of Sith to discuss my Star Wars fandom, writing, geek girls, and The Clone Wars. I had a blast. You can download a link at their site.


  1. oh my gosh I adored the Falling Skies post....brb dying.

    I cannot wait for the new season!!!!!!


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