June 28, 2013

Eating with The Avengers

The Avengers made shawarma a household name. After they've risked their lives in a huge battle in/over New York City, they take a break with some shawarma. Tony Stark insisted. They almost look too exhausted to eat:

The scene was a last minute addition. Literally. Last second even. The cast was together for a press junket in Los Angeles less than a month before the The Avengers opening date of May 4th. Robert Downey, Jr. teased at the press conference that they were filming one last scene - except he wasn't teasing. I remember seeing journalists at the conference tweeting speculations that day. Someone even reported seeing Chris Hemsworth exiting an elevator in full Thor costume and battle-worn makeup.

It was all for the sake of shawarma.

When I realized the location of the infamous scene wasn't too far away, I made it a point to go. Elat Burger is tucked into a tiny strip mall in West LA. If you know the film, it's instantly recognizable as soon as you step inside. They made a few modifications for filming but not many. Mostly, the movie has a couple more signs than the actual diner.

I am incapable of hiding my enthusiasm, and the guy working the counter looked at me and my friend and instantly pegged us as fans of The Avengers. I practically squee'd all over the place. I did something sacrilegious and didn't order shawarma (I know) and while I was taking a seat, I overheard the employee talking to my pal about sometimes people show up dressed as Thor or Captain America. He laughed, but he thought it was a bit too much.

He indulged our flailing and gave us some cool pictures that he signed - I think as the "Avengers Chef." It's hard to make out. It now has a prime spot on my fridge.

Here's the address in case you want to check it out (the food was freaking delicious):
Elat Burger
9340 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035


  1. Ha ha. Pico Blvd, that's where the Terminator first caught up with Sarah Connor at Tech Noir... "It's on Pico, right." Said the police detective...


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