July 30, 2013

Guest Post: 3 Ways to Geek Out Your Sleepwear

If your life revolves around Tetris, Star Wars or even computers and binary code, why not dream it and wake up to it as well.  Let’s face it, we love it so why not wear it too?  Lucky for Geek culture we have numerous designers and brands helping us sleep easier with the things that we love most.  Here are three ways you can geek out your sleepwear and love waking up in the morning from CrazyforBargains.com.

The Fashionable Geek

Just because we may be geeky that doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable.  Tying in our love for the 70’s, 80’s, and even the 90’s has never been easier with sleepwear and fashion.  The first thing to think about are the pajamas that will properly show off how we feel.  Many of us probably share plenty of ecards about coffee and mornings so why not incorporate that into our pajamas.  That is why LazyOne pajamas has come to the rescue. 

The red I’m Unstable in the mornings night shirt for women not only brings our love of coding all night and coffee into one piece, but it is completely Geek Chic.  When you take this shirt and combine it with a pair of I’m moody 70’s styled red shag carpet slippers and our plush 80’s and 90’s inspired zebra print lounge pants you have an awesome geek chic sleepwear style that any women would love.  The nice part is that the lounge pants and shirts come in regular and plus sizes to match any body style or type.  The pink Bad Hair Day shirt with the cat is another must have. 

A Trekky Morning for Men

For the guys it has never been easier to beam yourself to the bathroom in the morning.  The first step in going Trekky in the morning is to find the perfect pair of Star Trek pjs.  You can do the one or two piece sets.  I prefer the two piece sets.  Not only are the comfortable, but they actually look like and resemble a costume from the show.  The next thing is to get yourself covered.  There is nothing better to match the Starship’s spa than wrapping yourself in a Star Trek robe.  To complete your look you may want to try plain black slippers that look like shoes a captain or person on the Enterprise would be proud to wear. 

Christmas Geek Chic for the family.

The last look can be done for men or for women.  Some of these are technically for men, but this is loungewear so having things be a bit more roomy can be better for adults.   The holiday season is an awesome time for many people.  Since it’s July, why not start to celebrate early with Christmas in July.  You can also use these styles as the perfect time to take a family or holiday photo at the beach or somewhere else that will look awesome when it’s cold in the winter.  Ditch the ugly sweaters and go for some seriously cool holiday themed geekwear sleepwear. 

The first thing are the elf shoe slippers with stockings.  They come in Men’s, Women’s and children’s sizes so everyone in your house can enjoy them.  The next thing to do is find something the family can enjoy.  The obvious one is footed pajamas for the family which are always perfect, but I like themes.  Here’s one you may not have known about. 

For dad, choose the Doctor Who bathrobe (it comes in the style below as well as the Time Lord Tardis styles).  Combine it with the slippers from above or the elf ones to match everyone else from below and you have an awesome look.  For mom, go for any solid colored tops and bottoms and pair it with her secret disguise with the Wonder Woman bathrobe.  For the kids, you might want to try the Hello Kitty pajamas for girls or Super Mario pajamas for boys.  Nothing says a geeky holiday photo like old skool games and cartoons for the kids, Doctor Who for the men and one of the most loved symbols for women and power Wonder Woman.  If you want to theme it, we do sell Marvel and/or DC comics pjs for the whole family so you can do superheroes, a specific game, countries cartoons or just an all out geeky look combining everyone’s favorite obsessions. 

Geeking out your sleepwear not only means bed time can be fun.  But you can also have a fun themed or fashionable holiday photo with elf shoe slippers and matching themed or footed pajamas.  You can also geek out to almost any of your pop culture icons with bathrobes, boxers and lounge pants.  Think about what you love and then take those colors, themes and even tie in something obvious to make a cool and geek chic inspired outfit that only a true fan can love.  


  1. I have a Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past t-shirt that's my favourite sleepwear! Although I really want to look into purchasing some zombie slippers as well...


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