August 16, 2013

10 Favorite Costumes of D23 Expo

The costumes at D23 Expo last weekend were impressive. Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and every combo in between. Even though you can always spot Disney costumes at other conventions, it's nowhere near this kind of variety. I saw almost every Ariel outfit: the mermaid fin, the peasant dress, the aqua dress, the wedding dress, and even the just washed up on shore outfit. I know. It's amazing. I've never chased after cosplayers so much - partially because of their fabulous-ness and partially because there was actually room on the convention floor to do so.

Though it was challenging, I narrowed down the stack of my cosplay pictures to ten favorites. Please appreciate how I cheat by having more than one cosplayer in several of these photos.

Ariel and Leia (I sort of want this as my wedding dress)

Good and evil theme park costume - look at the tiara!

Prince Phillip! Megara! Half and half Sleeping Beauty!

A Mint Julep and a Dole Whip! Genius!

Haunted Mansion costume

Mrs. Potts

Princess Vanellope

Star Tours - the attendant had a tiny Starspeeder music box

Tiana and lady from Frozen (so much Frozen cosplay)

Walt Disney
See more cosplay pics over at Flickr.


  1. Thank you so much for including me and my friend Aleu in this list! I feel so honored! I'm the Elsa (from Frozen) pictured with Aleu the Mermaid as Princess Tiana! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

    ( and

    1. Of course! You ladies looked wonderful. :D

  2. That park gown is too much. The tiara is just icing on the awesome-cake.

    1. My favorite thing about the park gown is that it was color on one half an black and white on the other. She did an amazing job designing it.

    2. That's my gown and my daughter:) We had the best day of our lives! I'm thrilled that so many people liked it. Now, what should I create next?

    3. You did a wonderful job! :D


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