August 5, 2013

Guest post: Awesome Plush Toys from Shows Kids Probably Shouldn't be Watching

By Jessica Trebing of

If you have kids, you’re probably terrified of being done with grown-up things for the next two decades.

Or maybe you just have friends with kids, and you’re bummed that you can’t stay up late under the blankets watching some awesome TV together like you used to.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. Just because you’ve mothered a few of your own dragons, it doesn’t mean Dany Targaryen has to take a hike. There’s plenty of room in your heart (and your schedule) for both.

Having a grown-up geek life with little ones around just takes a little finesse. One way to geek up parenthood is to throw TV parental guidelines to the wind when it comes to choosing which toys make it into the nursery. Besides, what better way is there to project your awesome taste to the world than to replace your kid’s teddy bears with oh, say, a plushie version of Dale from The Walking Dead?

Seeing those wittle baby fingers grabbing for these oh-so-adorable plushie versions of things from your favorite shows (that kids definitely shouldn’t be watching) will make you feel like this whole parenting thing is gonna be pretty awesome after all.    

Game of Thrones
As much as you wish the kids around you could grow up with the Starks as role models, A Song of Ice and Fire is most definitely not for kids. That’s ok, you can still bond over these plushie versions of some of your favorite Game of Thrones characters.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen and Dragons Crochet Amigurumi Doll by Etsy artist Chubby Ninja would be better for older kids, since it has smaller pieces that might fall off.

These Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo plushes are by Etsy artist Marilo Alvarez Sanchis

You’d never know from looking at it that this model by Etsy artist Catherine Boucher is alluding to Robb Stark’s darkest moment. You can order a custom creation from Catherine in her shop, The StitchyButton.

The Walking Dead
 If your kids are going to make it in the post apocalyptic zombie infested world that’s sure to be upon us any day now, they’re going to want someone like Dale or Rick around. 

Funko Pop sells this little poncho’d Dale, along with Rick and some gruesomely adorable half-decayed zombies.

They’re not exactly plushies, but these finger puppets from Etsy artist Sally Van Orden are innocent-looking enough.

This plushie set available over on Amazon comes with a badass little Michonne plushie, modeled after the fan favorite. Viewers voted her character onto the show, and her comic book version is #86 of the top comic book heroes of all time according to IGN. I’d say that makes her plushie-worthy for sure.

True Blood
This dirty little show has squeezed its way into nerd cannon, and is admittedly pretty addictive – but it has pretty much everything you’d never want kids to see on TV (full frontal nudity, violence, cussing, lots of blood, and sympathetic vampire characters to name a few).

Also from Etsy artist Sally Van Orden, these True Blood finger puppets are just too funny.

These cute crocheted versions of Bill, Sookie, and Eric by Etsy artist Lin seem to have caught them in a rare cheerful moment.

Breaking Bad
Pretty sure the world of meth cooking is off limits to kids, with the exception of these large-noggined plushies.

I’m sorry to see Dexter on its last season; it’s such a great show. But your instinct to keep your kids from watching this show about the serial killer with a heart of gold is dead on (sorry, had to).

deviantARTist Dead-Beliefs takes commissions to create this awesome Dexter plushie, complete with bag of bloody body parts. If a Dexter doll smattered in blood and wielding a knife may be a bit much to hand over to young ones, you can still sneak a little Dexter into the playroom with this Deb doll.

If there’s a character you’d really like modeled that you’re having a hard time finding online, Etsy shop StitchyButton has an option to turn practically any character you’d like into a really gorgeous custom doll.

And don’t feel bad if you’d rather keep any of these great plushies for yourself – I totally understand.


  1. It really doesn’t have to be that way. Just because you’ve mothered a few of your own dragons, it doesn’t mean Dany Targaryen has to take a hike. There’s plenty of room in your heart (and your schedule) for both. My Kid Needs That

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