August 20, 2013

Loot Crate Is Pretty Fantastic

Monthly shipments of awesome have become a thing. You can order mystery crates of vegetables, snacks, beauty products, and more and more nerd boxes are coming into the market. I recently signed up as an affiliate with Loot Crate and let me tell you, I can already tell that getting a surprise box of toys and stickers and neat things in the mail each month is the bee's knees.

Here's the deal. You subscribe for under $20 a month and around the 15th of each month a box will come your way with a stack of neat and new products. They even give a Mega Crate away each month to a random subscriber! If you don't enjoy the boxes and the experience for some reason, you just cancel. Done and done.

Because of a recent move, I got to my July shipment a little late. Please enjoy pictures though and look forwarding to see the contents of my August box soon! My action figures are going to help me open that one.

What could be inside?!!

Presents! Glorious presents! Hulk, Threepio, a DVD, buttons, a pencil, air freshener and more!

And there are stickers?!!!

I can't wait to put Threepio in my ears!
 If you feel like trying out Loot Crate, I've got a fancy discount code to get you $3 off subscriptions - it's gwcloot. Go forth and get stuff!


  1. This seems really cool but I already have way too much stuff! :( Maybe I'll sign up for a while and then cancel when the Hoarding: Buried Alive people come a callin.

    1. Yeah, I get that. I think it will be good to save for gifts though too!

  2. Thanks for doing an unboxing, I just signed up for my own Loot Crate now that they finally ship to Canada. I can't wait to see what I get!

  3. I want something like this so bad, but I already have way too much stuff. Ugh.

    1. Yeah, I get that! But I'm already saving some of the items to use as gifts for friends!


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