August 29, 2013

The August Loot Crate Shipment Isn't a Lie

August Loot Crate shipments went out recently, and I was excited to see what was inside the mystery box of goodies this month. They didn't disappoint.
The nerdy product subscription service just celebrated one year of business, and it's been a good year. Thousands of subscribers get little black boxes each month and eagerly rip into them to discover goodies. They decided to use the game Portal as the big theme for this month, but there are a few more surprises too.
Yes, even the boxes are awesome.

Look, loot! So much loot!

Here's what was stuffed into the box: an Aperture Science lanyard, bracelet, and temp tattoo, Jelly Bellys, one of Funko's The Walking Dead figure blind boxes, a comfy t-shirt from Shirt.Woot! featuring caffeine molecules (ah, sweet nectar), and a coupon for $5 off at Shirt.Woot! And it's less than $20/month for everything!

I've heard from more than one person that it looks like a cool idea, but that they don't have room for any more stuff. I completely understand running out of space, but keep in mind you can also save toys for gifts and stickers are handy to have around when you're mailing notes to friends.

Get in on the fun! Sign up for Loot Crate now and use the discount code gwcloot to get $3 off!


  1. I'm still waiting on my box, but now that I'm seeing what's in the box I'm afraid it's not really worth the $30 I had to pay for the Canadian version. :(

    1. Aww, I think the tee and toy make it worth it but if you're not into any of the franchises, I can see your point.

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  2. I wish they would ship to Germany, but the postage would probably be horrific.

  3. I have been seriously debating whether or not to sign up for this.

    1. Give it a shot for a month and see what you think! (I'm such an enabler).

  4. Broke down and signed up. So many THINGS! Thanks for the coupon!

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