August 23, 2013

Wrap Your Nails With Nerd Prints!

When you're passionate about a thing, you want it to be part of every facet of your life. For example, if I could trade in all my makeup for items with names from the Star Wars universe I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'd love to tell people my nail polish color is Death Star gray. Espionage Cosmetics, a wonderful company based in the U.S., has realized there's a market for nerdy cosmetics and they've filled it with awesome products. Their mineral based makeup (typically used as eye shadow) practically vibrates with color, and they offer appealing shades such as "mrs. reynolds" and "kapow."

And lucky for us, they're expanding beyond eye shadow into the territory of nails. Shiny! They've set up a Kickstarter for Nailed It! and even though it's already funded, you have 12 days to get in on the ground floor and order your fancy and nerdy nail wraps first. The high quality designs make changing your nail pattern a breeze. They are self adhesive, and you'll just need to remove them from the package and press them onto your fingernails. Since I usually fail at applying nail polish in any kind of easy and tidy way, these are appealing.

Besides being simple to use, the designs are vivid and gorgeous. The galactic nebula design is my favorite, but holy Ewoks, it was hard to choose! Their line-up of designs that have been unlocked is impressive. It includes chainmail, a blood spatter design, RPG dice, tentacles, cats, a Harley Quinn look, Doctor Who art, Jayne's hat, and so many more. You must run over to their Kickstarter page and check out all they are offering.
Espionage is basically using Kickstarter to take pre-orders. I like this because it means I'll get product at the end instead of a different reward, and it's fun to know you're helping a cool thing get made. I'm actually looking forward to doing my nails!


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