September 13, 2013

Baltimore Comic-Con is my favorite

This time of the year is what I like to call crazy convention time. Almost every weekend has a convention to attend through the end of October and though I have fun, I'm tapping out for a few weeks. Besides, after Baltimore Comic-Con the rest of them don't look so shiny. It's one of the few conventions I've attended that actually focuses on comics. I know! A convention called "Comic-Con" about comics. It's a wonderful change.

If anything, my experience at Baltimore Comic-Con was even more fun than last year. Given that I'd just come from an exhausting weekend at Dragon Con, I expected to drag my feet, zombie-like, through the convention hall but instead I was practically skipping (until the end of the day Sunday when it caught up with me). For me, it's impossible to resist the charms of this convention. Comic creators were everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Big names, legends, indies, beginners, pros  - you name it. I was able to have a few minutes of conversation with Brian Bolland about a Wonder Woman sketch he had on display without waiting in line. Where else can you do that?

Okay, there are probably other places but I haven't been to them yet.

Everyone I encountered was approachable and friendly and easy to talk to. George Pérez took a photo of my Amethyst costume and took my subsequent fangirling in stride. He was bubbly and nice both times I ran into him (I wasn't stalking) and it warmed my Hoth-like heart to see someone who has been creating comics for so long be so joyful and awesome with fans and peers and just everyone.

Besides wearing a costume and meeting people with insane amounts of talent, I started filling up my brand new Daredevil sketchbook. Themed books make me happy, and I plan to stick with this one until all the pages are filled. Artists can choose anyone in the Daredevil universe (I did specifically request some of these):
I picked up a few comics I've been meaning to grab like Amelia Cole and Itty Bitty Hellboy (I read it last night and it is as charming and cute as it looks), got some trades on sale at 50% off, and discovered new stories like Neverminds and Finding Gossamyr. I caught part of the Fables panel and loved what I saw. I'm a fan of the books (duh) but wasn't sure how they would fill a two hour panel. My friend and I only caught the last hour but it was highly entertaining and they didn't even get to the part where they were going to show how a story is created.

Another awesome panel I attended was Christy Blanch's Genderizing Comic Books. It was an educational and fun hour of looking at gender in comics from the past (I had no idea Superman was such a jerk for a while there) to the present and also a discussion about gender in everyday life. Audience participation was an element and because of folks chiming in, I think we all learned because of the different perspectives. Even though we can all have similar feelings on gender issues in broad strokes, our individual experiences add to the conversation. I could have sat in that panel all day.

Then there were the Harvey Awards. It's always interesting to see which titles and creators comics industry professionals choose as winners, and I was pleased to see Saga win every category in which it was nominated. Bill Willingham was an entertaining and funny host and hey, I got an awesome swag bag and dinner. My only complaint is it went a little long (dinner and the awards were four hours), but the bar was open afterwards and sometimes that's all that matters.

All of the above was wonderful but the single best part of the convention was saying hello to and spending time with friends. Getting to more East coast shows means finally getting to hang out with people I mostly only talk to on Twitter. I saw the lovely Amber, who was super sweet and made a beautiful TARDIS ring pillow for my date-to-be-determined wedding (I cried), I hugged the crap out my friend Mel Caylo, I exchanged 12th grade humor with Paul Storrie, I visited with the delightful Stephanie Cooke and we drank wine and talked about our cats, and I spent most of my time with Kristin Hackett who is super sweet and nice and is not afraid to Muppet-flail over things that make her happy - we have that last bit in common. I think we enabled each other to buy art and comics, but it was a good thing.

So in short, best convention of the year. Hands down. If you want a convention all about comics, consider this one. In fact, it's going to be a three day show next year. Even more fun! I noticed the crowds were tight on Saturday so I think the additional day is warranted. I'll see you there!

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  1. So I've been following your blog for a while, was reading this latest post, only to discover you were the girl in the awesome Amethyst costume me and my friends saw as the con! My friend Esther stopped you rather excitedly and asked if we could take a photo (not sure if you remember). What a small world! The picture actually made it into my own post about the con (it's somewhere in the slideshow):


    1. Ha! It IS a small world. I remember you guys.
      I'm glad you had fun at the convention too. :)

  2. Hi! I remember briefly chatting with you too; I was the woman in the Battlestar Galactica cosplay. We briefly geeked out about Sword of Sorcery and then moved on.

    Agreed, it's an amazing con with great access to creators that feels like it shouldn't be possible, but there it is.

    1. Yes, I remember you!
      I am really impressed by that convention. Amanda Conner's line was reasonable enough on Sunday that I was able to get a quick sketch. I've never had the fortitude for her long (and deservedly so) lines at other cons.

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